“So just what exactly makes you RELENTLESSLY AMERICAN?”

Each member of our team has been asked some version of this throughout our 10+ years in business. And it is a fair question. In a world that is ever more outsourced and globalized, what exactly does Relentlessly American mean?

We founded our business at the height of the Great Recession, as businesses closed left and right and ‘Fast Fashion’ was at its prime. As a family who cherishes heirlooms and items of quality that can be passed down from one generation to the next, we felt there was a better way to approach the fashion industry.

We source each element of our designs here in the United States. From the wild alligator hides to the gold-plated chain, each element is meticulously procured from an American business. At the rare occasion an item of our required quality simply is not made here in the US, we go through great efforts to purchase these items from a domestic seller, ensuring some portion of our dollars benefit our fellow Americans.

Finally, we strictly produce here in the US. From the Oma Money Clip to the Classic Elouise, every single item we sell is made in America. We pay a higher price for each good than if it were produced overseas, but we are also confident that our products are made by well-paid artisans throughout our country. From the Garment District of New York City to the foothills of Tennessee, our accessories reflect the hard-work and delicate care of the amazing people who have carefully constructed them by hand.

What EXACTLY makes us Relentlessly American? Our ambition, our determination, and our commitment to producing luxury accessories in the United States of America.